July 30, 2020

50% of us breathe incorrectly?

Good morning lovely people 🌺 praise God for another day🙏🏾

We take breathing for granted, but about 50% of us breathe incorrectly!😮 are you one? let’s see


  • Is your heart rate too high? Blood pressure too high?
  • Have you been breathing through your mouth especially at nights? Sleep apnea?
  • Do you suffer from lightness in the head, tingling in the fingers or simply anxiety disorder?
  • What about obesity, stress, insomnia, fatigue, Inflammation and aches all over the body? Weak immune system even though your eating and exercising well?
  • Tension in the neck, head and shoulders?
  • This may sound like weird questions, is your mouth messed up and your face long 😱🙄

Here’s how to breathe well

Yes to any of these questions – you are breathing incorrectly 😩 😥 Yes you are breathing through your mouth???👄 instead of your nose 👃 or your practicing vertical breathing instead of horizontal or diaphragmatic breathing 😮‍💨 or your breathing to induce stress …. Yes you’ve gotten it wrong.

Here’s a few foundational booster breathing strategy routine to help you get your breathing in order and rid the body of disease:

    1. Breathe through your nose all the time.
    2. Breathe slowly
    3. Breathe less
    4. Exhale fully – Focus on exhaling – get all the stale air out of your belly
    5. Breathe in to a count of 5 or 6 ; relax your body ; and exhale to the same count; continue relaxing your body

Breathe light, slow and deep.

Now remember breathing affects how we think, it affects the emotional centre inside the body, plus much more. So give the tips a try and improve your quality of life. Look out for the registration link – “live life to the fullest detox cooking course”


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